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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Joins the Stop The Grind Coalition Leadership

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

On Friday, September 22, the ocean turned red after a “grind” used boats and jet skis to herd cetaceans into coves in the Faroe Islands.

For the first time in the coalition's effort, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) staff from the US worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Sea Shepherd Global to document the slaughter.

Having staff on the ground in the Faroe Islands was the first operational step in SSCS helping to lead the fight in the 2024 #STOPTHEGRIND campaign, and they will be mobilizing their audience across the Western Hemisphere to boost the 2024 campaign.

"Our shared goal with Sea Shepherd Global, Shared Planet, and all the coalition is to bring an end to this senseless slaughter," said Pritam Singh, CEO of SSCS. "2024 can be a decisive year for the coalition, and we at Sea Shepherd US pledge our full commitment to the coalition's success."

Crew from Sea Shepherd Global and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in the Faroe Islands, September 2023

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