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MEP Martin Buschmann takes a stand against the Grind in Brussels

German politician and Member of the European Parliament for the Animal Welfare Party has joined our campaign to #stopthegrind. Mr Buschmann has submitted a written question to the European Parliament regarding the Grindadrap.

Question to the European Commission:

"During this year ́s “Grindadráp” in the Faroe Islands not only hundreds of pilot whales have been killed, but also more than 1400 dolphins. The murder of these sentient and intelligent creatures led to a public outcry.
The Faroe Islands are formally associated to FP7 since 2010 and profited from a framework programme for research and innovation which was concluded in 2020. A new programme is currently being negotiated with final meetings taking place in late September.
Since fishery is part of this programme can the Commission therefore detail in what way the cruel practices during “Grindadrap” are being addressed and what measures are being taken to motivate the Faroe Islands to abandon this annual event that stands in stark contrast to the EU ́s animal welfare goals?"

In a article on blog 'World Animals Voice', Mr Buschmann wrote:

"This is what I am committed to in Brussels. I will take further steps once the Commission has replied to my question. In cooperation with various animal welfare organizations, pressure is built up until we have achieved our goal!"

Thank you Mr Buschmann for your support!


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