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Child Propaganda to Encourage Grind Participation

In an attempt to preserve a controversial practice of killing pilot whales amid dwindling participation, the Faroe Islands Whalers Association is developing a film project aimed at teaching children about the Grind. 

Esmar Joensen, the chairman of the association, stated in an April 27th Dimmalætting article: "We must acknowledge that if we do not pass our knowledge on to the next generation and let them have a go - and be patient with them when they make mistakes initially - it is certain that it won't be many generations before we stop killing whales."

However, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child recommends that children should be shielded from witnessing violence, including the infliction of violence on animals. This recommendation is based on the fact that watching animals being terrorized or slaughtered can be extremely traumatic for children, who tend to have a natural empathy towards animals.

Numerous studies have revealed that there exists a direct correlation between cruelty to animals during childhood and antisocial conduct in adulthood. As per a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, when children witness instances of animal cruelty or neglect, it can potentially result in their engaging in abusive behavior towards animals or humans in the future.

Young people in the Faroe Islands should be safeguarded from witnessing the brutality inflicted on pilot whales, and their inquisitive and empathetic nature should be encouraged and nurtured rather than suppressed. (also read: Faroese Children and the Grindadrap: An Overlooked Trauma?)

The whalers association worries about the future of the Grind at a time when the organization only has about 100 paying members. 


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