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The Coalition

We are a global coalition of organizations and individuals working together towards a simple mission: to end the inhumane and unnecessary slaughter of thousands of whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands, known as the Grindadráp


The Campaign

In addition to raising awareness, we believe that imposing trade restrictions could be an effective way to compel the Faroe Islands to meet the international community's expectations regarding animal welfare, public health, and the environment.


Take Action

Whether you're an NGO, a public figure, a political representative or an individual, you can make a difference! Sign up for our newsletter, sign one of the many petitions calling for an end to the grind, or become a member of the coalition. 



Every year in the Faroe Islands, an archipelago which is a protectorate of the kingdom of Denmark situated just 230 miles north-west of mainland Scotland - around 1150 small cetaceans, primarily long-finned pilot whales and Atlantic white-sided dolphins are massacred in drive hunts called ‘grindadráp’ (Faroese for the killing of pilot whales).


The grindadráp (or ‘grind’ as the hunts are commonly called) has no season, so hunts can happen at any time of the year at any one of the 26 designated killing bays around the Islands. The grind has no hunting quota and therefore no limits, with the grind foremen of each district almost always authorising a hunt when a pod is spotted near the coastline - unless the weather or sea conditions are too hazardous for their powerboats and jet skis.

An average of 1150 pilot whales and other dolphins are killed every year over the past 40 years in the Faroe Islands.

Recent Statistics:

  • 2024 (as of June 28th): 411 long finned pilot whales

  • 2023: 856 long finned pilot whales, 5 white-sided dolphins

  • 2022: 326 long finned pilot whales, 6 bottlenose whales, 98 bottlenose dolphins

  • 2021: 667 long finned pilot whales, 1428 Atlantic white sided dolphins

  • 2020: 539 long finned pilot whales, 35 Atlantic white sided dolphins, 11 northern bottlenose whales

  • 2019: 682 long finned pilot whales, 8 Atlantic white sided dolphins

  • 2018: 625 pilot whales, 255 Atlantic white sided dolphins,  one bottlenose dolphin 

  • 2017: 1203 pilot whales, 488 Atlantic white sided dolphins 

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