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STG Coalition Supports Motion for the European Parliament to Suspend Funding to Faroe Islands

We are excited to announce that MEP Francisco Guerreiro, with the backing of the Stop the Grind Coalition, has submitted a motion for a resolution on whale and dolphin hunting in the Faroe Islands to the European Parliament.

Crafted in collaboration with our newest coalition member, The European Institute for Animal Law & Policy, this motion is a critical call to action to the European Parliament. As the EU's primary legislative body and the voice of its electorate, the European Parliament plays a crucial role in influencing policies related to the Faroe Islands.


While non-legally binding, if the motion of resolution is passed, it will require the European Commission to respond and scrutinize its current relationship with the Faroe Islands.

Key components of the motion include:

  • Suspension of EU Funding: The resolution calls for an immediate halt to the Faroe Islands’ participation in European Union funding programs, aiming to leverage economic pressure to end harmful practices.

  • Mandatory Labeling: It advocates for mandatory country-of-origin labeling on fish products from the Faroe Islands. This measure seeks to enhance transparency in the EU's single market and empower consumers with the knowledge they need to make ethical choices regarding Faroese seafood.

  • Alignment with International Standards: The motion demands that the Faroe Islands’ whaling regulations be brought in line with global norms, specifically those that protect mothers and their young among targeted marine mammal species.

Currently under review by the President of the European Parliament, this motion marks a hopeful step forward in our advocacy. We will continue to keep you informed on its progress.

How You Can Help: If you reside in an EU member state, you can make a difference by reaching out to your local MEP to express your support for this initiative. Every voice counts in our fight to ensure a safer future for our ocean's inhabitants.

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These murders are atrocious!

Nobody that carries this on, in whatever way, can call themselves humans.


We are living in the 21st Century and some stupid cavemen still behave as they were living in the Stone Age. Stop that ignominious killing of intelligent and harmless creatures, which are much more intelligent than the human species, as far as I can see! John M. Grober

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